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Build and Stack Safari

Build and Stack Safari

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Ready to improve your motor skills?
Stack the animals on top of each other and then figure out how to put the animals back in the box.

With Monte e Empilhe, little ones stimulate fine motor coordination, logical reasoning, concentration, memorization, and overcoming in a playful and fun way.

6 fun ways to play: Assemble the puzzle inside the box, matching the background image.

  • Assemble the puzzle outside the box by observing the images at the bottom.
  • Memorize the completed puzzle and try to reproduce it on the back of the box.
  • Stack the animals randomly without letting them fall.
  • Stack the animals according to the image on the box.
  • Tell and retell stories.

And now the Mount and Stack Safari comes with a frame and support to make this fun even more complete!

Age : +18m

Brand : Babebi

Material : Wood

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