Still have questions?

We have prepared this page with some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, if there is anything missing just let us know!

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What is included in the subscription?

  • Rental of high quality toys selected according to the child's age.
  • 15% discount on the purchase of a toy.
  • Rigorous cleaning and inspection of each toy before it is sent to the next family.
  • Free shipping on delivery and pickup.
  • We've also included materials to make it easier to swap from one kit to the next: a large bag for all the toys, and cotton bags wrapping each toy separately.

How does the toy selection work?

Once you provide us with your child(ren)'s birthday at the time of subscribing, we will send you a list of in-stock toys that we recommend for that age group!

You can see the toys we have on our Instagram or in our Toy Library.

Can I buy the toys?

We hope your children fall in love with each toy and we understand that it can be difficult to say goodbye to some of them. If your child has found their new toy, just let us know by message when it's time to exchange.

How do exchanges work?

We offer free shipping to all our club members. Toys will be changed monthly to maximize your child's learning. You will receive a WhatsApp when the exchange date is close and you will have 2 days to make a modification, either by changing the toy selection or postponing the exchange.

Please keep the toys until the new ones arrive. Our goal is to ensure there are no interruptions between rides. When the delivery man arrives to deliver the new toys, just return the old ones at the same time.

We ask that you save kit bags and packaging materials to reduce waste.

How often do I receive toys and when am I charged?

You are charged monthly for your subscription, and toys are changed every month. This gives your child time to enjoy

How are toys cleaned?

When toys are returned, our team thoroughly cleans each toy using products such as vinegar, Seventh Generation mild soap and Bioz Green Toy Cleaner. Fabric items are either washed with Seventh Generation products and/or can be spot cleaned with vinegar-based disinfectants before being steam cleaned and dried.

I signed a Plan. When and how do I receive the toys?

Deliveries are made monthly, to the address indicated in the registration. We will always contact you the week of delivery to confirm everything is correct. The first delivery is made within a maximum period of up to 7 days.

What happens if a toy is damaged or parts are lost?

It's normal! We expect each toy to be used, and we understand that minor damage or common wear and tear may occur. We ask that you try to maintain all components of your kit, including packaging and all toy parts. But we get it – with young children, unforeseen events happen!

If a toy is partially lost when you return it, i.e. if one or more parts of a multi-piece toy are missing, we will charge an additional fee for each part which will be reported when the toy is delivered.

But if after paying the fee you find the part that was missing, you can send it to us at the next exchange and we will refund your money.

If a toy is severely damaged (defined as a toy that cannot be sent to another household and needs to be replaced), such as deep dog bites or multiple parts missing, we will need to charge you for the cost of replacing the toy.