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Assemble the Carrot

Assemble the Carrot

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This Educational Toy is a tool that nurtures creativity and cognitive development . One invites kids to discover the fascinating world of fitting and puzzle solving, all while exploring the fun world of carrots!

A charming carrot-shaped educational toy that captivates children's imagination and engages them in a journey of creative learning. This toy is carefully designed for little hands to explore, create and solve the carrot puzzle, making the play experience enriching and fun.

Monte a Cenoura invites children to immerse themselves in a tactile experience, exploring the pieces with their hands . They can combine the three blocks in different ways to build their own carrot, encouraging creativity and logical thinking.

Fitting the pieces together to form the carrot is an enjoyable puzzle that challenges and enhances children's cognitive skills. The search for a solution involves solving problems, developing critical thinking skills in a fun and interactive way.

Age : +12m

Brand : Light

Material : Wood

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