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Fat Brain Toys



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A unique sensory toy full of exciting sensory exploration experiences that will keep little hands busy for hours. Push the pink ball with bumps and the blue ball on the other side is pushed out. The green and purple buttons on each side click in and out like clicking pens, while the bright orange ball and turquoise ball on top spin non-stop. And it's not just the sounds and movements that stimulate the mind - The soft rubber tops of each ball feature unique, vivid textures that are exciting to the touch. It's a brilliant way to really captivate your baby's curiosity! Give your little one an ideal opportunity for early exploration with Klickity.

  • A unique lap sensory toy with fun clicking sounds, movements and textures
  • Stimulates sensory exploration, cause and effect learning, fine motor skills
  • An ideal opportunity for initial exploration
  • Push the pink ball and the blue ball is pushed out - Push them back and forth
  • Green and purple buttons click in and out like clicking pens
  • The orange ball and the turquoise ball at the top spin non-stop
  • The soft rubber tops of the balls feature vivid textures
  • Each ball contains beads that make noise and spin non-stop
  • It has a rubberized grip on the bottom so the Klickity doesn't slip while kids play
  • High-quality design and materials for long-lasting durability
  • BPA Free - Exceptionally safe for babies

Age : +12m

Brand : Fat Brain Toys

Material : Silicone

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