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Croche Sensory Kit

Croche Sensory Kit

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Intuitive 0-3 months: At this point, babies are in the phase where they hold objects automatically and intuitively, without being aware of touch yet. It is interesting that they have light objects the size of the palm of the hand and the size of the entire hand, such as the bell stick.

Analytical: 2-6 months: At this point, the baby holds objects with his hands and begins to explore textures, temperature, and is able to transfer the object from one hand to the other. It is important that the objects are suitable, natural, designed to move the hand, fingers and wrist.

Intentional: 4-12 months. At this moment the baby moves towards the object. The object is placed in the middle of the path and the baby moves his arms to reach the object, then his arms move his body to crawl and crawl.

Choice Phase: 5-12 months: Basket of treasures: At this moment the objects are made available to the baby and he can choose from the options that are best suited to what he needs at the moment, whether it is an object that he needs to look for and crawl, drag, etc.

Age : +0m

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Material : Wood & Fabric

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