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Caminho do Coração

Amish Ball

Amish Ball

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The "Amish Ball" is a classic treasure in the world of toys, bringing with it a rich craftsmanship heritage and endless hours of creative fun for children. Handcrafted with care and skill, this enchanting ball is a tactile wonder, designed in primary and secondary colors and combined with its complementary color, on purpose. To generate interest in the baby's eyes.

  • Tactile Mobile (Kick Ball Mobile) - Hanging over the baby, it is an excellent tactile mobile. It stimulates the coordination of the little feet, in addition to strengthening the legs, knees, hips and abdominal muscles.
  • Crawling Stimulus - It is an incredible material to stimulate the baby when he is starting to crawl, as both the shape and the material make him turn more slowly, thus stimulating gross motor coordination.
  • Puzzle function - It disassembles into three parts, stimulating logical reasoning in older children, in addition to working on cognition (ability to acquire knowledge), improving memory and developing coordination.

Age : +0m

Brand : Caminho do Coração

Material : Tissue

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