Por que alugar brinquedos é melhor que comprar?

Why is renting toys better than buying?

Economy, Variety and Sustainability

When it comes to toys, the rental option is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of buying toys that can accumulate and lose children's interest, renting toys offers a series of benefits. Shall we see some of them?

  • Financial Economy
One of the main advantages of renting toys instead of buying them is the financial savings. Buying new toys regularly can be a significant expense, especially considering that children often lose interest in toys quickly. When you rent toys, you only pay one monthly fee, which is usually much more affordable than the total cost of purchasing multiple toys.
  • Variety of Games
Children are always looking for new things and variety. Renting toys offers the opportunity to provide a wide range of different toys for children to try out each rental period. This means that they will have access to a variety of games and stimuli, helping with cognitive, emotional and motor development. Plus, when a child gets tired of a toy, they can simply return it and receive a new one, keeping the fun always present.
  • Environmental Sustainability
The issue of sustainability is increasingly relevant nowadays. Choosing to rent toys is a sustainable choice, as it reduces the number of toys that are manufactured, consuming fewer natural resources and avoiding unnecessary accumulation of objects. Furthermore, we adopt sustainable practices, such as cleaning and sterilizing toys before they are given to another child, ensuring everyone's safety and health.
  • Space and Organization
A common challenge for parents is the space needed to store toys. Buying too many toys can result in excessive clutter and difficulty organizing. Clube.Toys solves this problem, as toys are returned after a month, freeing up space in your home and maintaining a more organized environment.
  • Experimentation and Discovery
Renting toys allows children to try different types of play and discover their interests and preferences. It is an opportunity to explore a variety of toys, from educational games to construction toys, stimulating cognitive development,
  • Update with Children's Growth
Children grow quickly, and their interests and skills also evolve over time. Buying toys can result in collections of toys that become inappropriate for the child's age group. However, when renting toys, we send options appropriate to your child's age and stage of development. This ensures they are always engaged with relevant and challenging toys, promoting continuous learning.
  • Waste Reduction :

Choosing to rent toys helps to reduce waste. By avoiding buying toys that can be used for a short period of time, you avoid the unnecessary production of objects that could end up being discarded prematurely. This helps preserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.

Clube.Toys is an intelligent and advantageous alternative, providing fun, learning and benefits for both children and the environment

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