O Poder da Repetição

The Power of Repetition

At club.toys, we believe in the power of repetition as an essential tool for child development. Through consistent practice, children strengthen their skills, build lasting memories, and expand their knowledge.

Do you know how a club.toys rental toy subscription can boost your children's continued growth and learning? Get ready to discover how we can be a valuable ally in your children's development journey!

  1. Strengthening neural connections
    Repetition plays a key role in strengthening children's neural connections. By repeating an activity, such as stacking blocks or fitting pieces together, they improve their motor and cognitive skills. Our carefully selected toys from Plan Toys, Fat Brain Toys, Hape, Trixie, Lilliputiens, Djeco, Melissa & Doug, Janod, Elou, Dëna, Labebe and Bonfinos offer a variety of options that encourage repetition and help consolidate learning.

  2. Deepening learning
    When a child repeats an activity, they have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the subject. By exploring different aspects of a toy and practicing their skills repeatedly, they gain confidence and develop greater mastery of the topic. Our rental toy subscription gives your children access to a variety of educational toys, giving them the opportunity to practice and deepen their learning in a fun way.

  3. Stimulating creativity
    Repetition is also a way to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. By repeating an activity, they begin to explore different approaches and possibilities, developing their ability to find creative solutions. Our toys encourage free exploration and imagination, allowing children to experiment and create their own stories and narratives.

  4. Building foundational skills
    By repeating an activity, children build fundamental skills that are essential for their development. Through repetition, they improve their fine motor skills, hone their problem-solving skills, and gain greater mastery of math concepts, language, and more. Our rental toy subscription offers a wide variety of options that help strengthen these essential skills.

  5. Fostering confidence and persistence
    Repetition also plays a key role in building confidence and persistence in children. By repeating an activity and overcoming challenges, they develop a growth mindset, learn to deal with frustration, and feel more confident in their abilities. Our toys are designed to encourage continuous practice and improvement, allowing your children to experience the satisfaction of achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.

At club.toys, we recognize and value the power of repetition as an effective means of boosting child development. Our rental toy subscription offers endless possibilities to create an environment rich in repetition opportunities, allowing your children to hone their skills, stimulate their creativity and build confidence.

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