Mergulhando no Mundo Montessori

Diving into the Montessori World

Have you ever heard of the Montessori Method? Developed by Italian doctor and educator Maria Montessori, this revolutionary approach to education has gained increasing prominence and admirers around the world. Our club also values ​​and incorporates Montessori practices. Let's explore more about the Montessori Method and how we apply its principles:

The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy focused on the child's integral development. It is based on principles such as autonomy, freedom with responsibility, respect for the individual pace of learning and an environment prepared to stimulate children's curiosity and independence. The approach values ​​active learning, the use of sensory materials and the construction of knowledge through exploration and experimentation.

  1. Prepared environment
    The environment is carefully prepared to meet children's needs. The spaces are organized to allow freedom of movement, sensory exploration and access to educational materials suitable for each stage of development. The arrangement of furniture, the use of natural materials and order are fundamental to promoting independence and autonomous learning.

  2. Child-based learning
    One of the main characteristics of the Montessori Method is child-based learning. Children are encouraged to choose activities they are interested in, allowing them to follow their own pace of development. Montessori educators closely observe each child, offering individualized support and encouraging independent discovery and problem solving.

  3. Autonomy and freedom with limits
    Children are encouraged to carry out daily tasks on their own, such as organizing their room and making decisions. However, this freedom is balanced with an understanding of the limits and responsibilities that exist within the community. This helps children develop social skills, empathy and a sense of caring for the collective.

  4. Educative toys
    They play a fundamental role in the Montessori Method. Toys designed to encourage sensory exploration, cognitive development and the acquisition of specific skills.and allow children to learn through hands-on experience and discovery. Our toys are selected to promote skills such as motor coordination, problem solving, creativity and logical reasoning.

  5. Focus on integral development
    The Montessori Method values ​​the child's integral development, including physical, emotional, social and cognitive aspects. It recognizes the importance of balancing academic learning with practical, artistic and physical activities. In this way, children are encouraged to explore different areas of interest, promoting balanced growth and a holistic understanding of the world.

By combining Montessori practices with our educational toys subscription proposal, our club offers an enriching experience aligned with the principles of an education that values ​​the child's autonomy, curiosity and development.

Come be part of our club and provide your children with a meaningful and fun learning journey, based on Montessori principles. Learn more about our educational toy subscription service here and let your little ones discover the world through play!

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