Como funciona o Clube.Toys

How Clube.Toys works

Toy rental services have become an increasingly popular option for parents who want to provide a variety of toys for their children without having to deal with the accumulation of items or the high cost of purchasing new toys regularly. We will explain step by step how our service works, which offers

  • Join the club!
To start enjoying the benefits of toy rental, you will need to join our club, choose one of the subscriptions available on our plans page , the longer the subscription period, the less you will pay.
  • Receive the toys at home :
After signing and filling out a form telling us a little about your baby, you will receive the toys directly at your home. Toys are personalized according to the child's age group, we understand the importance of offering toys suited to the development and interests of children at different stages. This way, you can have the peace of mind of receiving toys suited to your child's skill level and interest at each stage.
  • Collecting used toys and receiving new ones :

At the end of four weeks, used toys will be collected. You don't have to worry about anything, our team will come to your home to collect used toys and at the same time deliver toys for the next month. This constant renewal allows your child to try different toys and explore new forms of fun every month.

  • Cleaning and sterilizing toys:

Hygiene is an essential concern for us. Before sending the toys to you, we carry out a rigorous cleaning and sterilization process. This ensures that the toys are in perfect working condition, free from dirt and germs.

I hope it's clear how our Club works, if you still have any questions, just send us a message.

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